Welcome to FANZO’s, Frisco’s newest pinnacle of sports entertainment, nestled in the heart of Frisco, TX. Our mission is to redefine your sports bar experience with an unwavering commitment to our motto: “Come experience our special take on viewing sports entertainment where we bring exceptional service, culinary craftsmanship, and high sports energy together into one rare find!”

At FANZO, we’ve meticulously curated an upscale, modern spot for sports enthusiasts seeking more than the ordinary. Our founders envisioned a venue transcending the typical sports bar atmosphere, an establishment where gamedays are transformed into extraordinary, unforgettable experiences. We’ve seamlessly woven the thrill of sports, the artistry of chef-driven culinary creations, and the sophistication of fine dining into a single, exceptional encounter.

At FANZO, we transcend the boundaries of traditional sports bars, reimagining your favorite pastime into a luxurious air. Our goal is to revolutionize the sports bar experience, setting a new standard for excellence in Frisco. Whether you’re a dedicated sports fan, a discerning foodie, or someone in search of elevated sports entertainment, FANZO beckons you to join us.

As we set our sights on becoming Frisco’s premier hotspot, FANZO invites you to witness the transformative power of culinary artistry and sportsmanship. Unleash the spirit of competition with every cheer, and savor the vibrant fusion of flavors meticulously crafted to elevate your favorite sports games and events. Come be part of a lively atmosphere where each match becomes a cherished memory. FANZO awaits, ready to redefine your expectations of a sports bar – where excellence is the standard and unforgettable moments are our specialty.

Cheers to winning a combination of great sports, delicious bites, and unbeatable camaraderie, your perfect sports night starts here!


Fueling our culinary excellence is Consulting Chef, Vijay Sadhu, a luminary in the culinary world. With mentorship from icons such as Steven Pyles, Chef Sadhu’s expertise shines through, having even graced popular shows on Food Network such as Beat Bobby Flay and Cutthroat Kitchen. Having an opportunity to bring in and learn from chef Sadhu as an external hospitality consultant, has allowed us to take our concepts and perceptions of how we want to approach a modern sports bar to the next level. FANZO’s foundation is built on the passion and precision that only a world-class chef can deliver.

Adding a touch of sophistication to our beverage offerings is Brian McCullough, an acclaimed mixologist and true artist in crafting cocktails. Brian transforms the bar into a canvas, where each cocktail is a masterpiece, perfectly complementing Chef Sadhu’s culinary delights. Together, they bring a perfect fusion of culinary and mixology artistry to FANZO.


At FANZO Sports Bar, our mission is to seamlessly blend athletic thrill, upscale dining, and unparalleled hospitality, exceeding expectations of every sport enthusiast, and setting new standard for the ultimate sports bar experience.


At FANZO, we are more than just a place to watch the game; we are a destination that embodies a culture of sophistication, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences. We strongly believe in our values and culture, which also reflect our commitment to excellence.


Secure the best seats at FANZO Sports Bar by booking a table for your next game-day celebration. Whether you’re planning a special event, or a casual gathering with friends, booking a table ensures you have a prime spot in the heart of the action.

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